Jun 072018

Ativan vs Xanax – Truth Revealed

Ativan vs Xanax – Truth Revealed

There have been many Ativan vs Xanax reviews on the internet lately, but many of them contradict one another so we’ve decided to go out of our way to bring you the full scoop of these two “Benzos” as they call it. Before we get into more detail in this Ativan vs Xanax post, know that you should always ask a medical practitioner’s advice before purchasing either of these, and that they’re both very different from one another despite what you might read on other sites.

The first noticeable difference between Ativan vs Xanax, is that Ativan has a longer half life as opposed to Xanax, which has the shortest half life out of all the “benzos”. Also, Xanax is primarily used and prescribed to people who suffer from panic attacks, whereas Ativan is mainly used and prescribed to people who suffer from insomnia and anxiety attacks. If you’re trying to search for one which is better, then you can surely see now that these two drugs are very different from one another. So it’s best to take a closer look at your symptoms and get professional advice from your family doctor before deciding on the outcome of your Ativan vs Xanax search.

Both of these drugs can be used for anxiety, and many users that have tried both Ativan vs Xanax for this condition alone state that they can’t tell the difference between the two. Truth is, that there are 2 very important differences you should be aware of. The first one, is that Xanax works much faster than Ativan, but this is not necessarily a good thing in the long run. Why do I say that? Well, because Xanax is much easier to get addicted to as opposed to Ativan.

Even though Ativan has a slightly lower addiction rate, doesn’t mean that it’s completely harmless. Research has shown that people who make regular use of both Ativan vs Xanax will become addicted to the drug in a matter of weeks. It’s safe to say that you can use the drugs for 2 weeks without developing a nasty addiction in extreme cases, but it is suggested that you only use either of these drugs if it really necessary. Also, once you get a prescription, never take more than what was prescribed to you, because this will not only speed up the addiction process, but may even result in death in severe cases.

When we look at the Ativan vs Xanax reviews online it’s hard to distinguish which one is better, but at first glance one can see that Ativan might definitely be the slightly safer version. As I mentioned before, it all depends on your specific symptoms when trying to decide which one to pick. My advice is to use these drugs only if there’s no other option available on the market for your condition, because quite a number of both Ativan vs Xanax users became addicted without even realizing it at first. Some of these users have used it for over 25 years, surely a rather expensive habit.